ProSkaters' Virtual Skateoff results are in!

Friday, July 4, 2014

ProSkaters' Virtual Skateoff results are in!

The results of judging from our panels of Celebrity Judges along with votes from over 1,000 skaters and fans are in.  

Visit to view the videos of the performances of each entry in each category.of Men's and Women's singles, Pairs/Adagio, Specialty Act, and Group Choreography.  

Here are the results:

Men's Singles:

Skaters' Choice Winner:  Mark Hanretty
Champion:  Zabato Bebe
Silver Medal:   Mark Hanretty
Bronze Medal:  Matej Silecky

Women's Singles:

Skaters Choice Winner:  Yebin Mok
Tie for Champion:  Samantha Delgado, Yebin Mok, and Erin Reed


Skaters' Choice Winner:  Andrew Buchanon and partner, Robin Johnston
Champion:  Andrews Buchanon and partner, Robin Johnston
Silver Medal:  Natalia Zaitseva and partner, Jeremy Barrett
Bronze Medal:  Zabato Bebe and partner, Katja Golovatenko

Specialty Act:

Skaters' Choice Winner:  Ashley Clark
Champion:  Ashley Clark
Silver Medal:  Zabato Bebe
Bronze Medal:  Christa Wilson


Skaters' Choice Wininer:  Mauro Bruni
Champion:  Adam  Blake
Silver Medal:  Mauro Bruni
Bronze Medal;  Bryan Santiago 

Thanks to all the skaters who competed in the 2013 Virtual Skateoff and the more than 1,000 skaters and fans who voted in Skaters' Choice.

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