·   President          Craig Heath

·   Vice-President        Richard Swenning

·   Treasurer              Sylvia Froescher

·   Secretary       Jaya Kanal



Lisa -Marie Allen
Beth-Anne Duxbury

Jason Graetz
Scott Irvine
Frank Sweiding


Honorary Directors

Brian Boitano
Kristi Yamaguchi


Executive Director

Janet H. Wright
Tamara Sharp
Richard Swenning
PFSC Members,
The PFSC Ten Year Anniversary Meeting was a huge success. The meeting took place on the terrace of the historic Sun Valley Lodge overlooking the outdoor ice rink. We met for approximately two hours and discussed not only past business but also came up with some great ideas to lead us into the future. Executive Director Janet Wright officially announced her retirement and many tears flowed amongst the board members. Janet was also given a few very special gifts for all of her years of service to the PFSC and pro skating. She will be dearly missed but never quite free of us altogether as she is a special part of our PFSC family forever. Our new Executive Director Max Moses was officially announced. We welcome him with open arms and are very excited for him to be part of the PFSC family. Max is very skilled in the Executive Director field and I know he will be a great addition to our family.
After the meeting we all got ready for the first ever PFSC Show Skating Seminar which turned out to be an amazing experience for everyone involved. The seminar lasted about three hours and included seven different topics. We have already scheduled the next one to be held August 3, 2008 in Sun Valley right after the Annual Meeting. Put it on your calendars!
Finally, it was time to celebrate. Not only were we celebrating a fantastic day, but also the fact that we have made it through ten years as an organization and have the largest membership numbers to date. Board member Lisa-Marie Allen and her husband Peter and daughter Sarah graciously offered to host the party in their beautiful Sun Valley home. We had a special cake made in commemoration and Lisa had a great selection of wines, cheeses and other delights. Ten years for any organization is a milestone and I am proud to be the President of such a fantastic group of people. Thank you all for being members. You are not only helping yourselves in the pro skating industry, but you are also helping other pro skaters. Why? Because the more members we have, the bigger voice we have together.
Craig Heath
PFSC President
 Seminar basket
Back row L-R
Max Moses, Jaya Kanal, Alison Harack, Jason Graetz, Lisa Marie Allen, Andrzej Dostatni, Janet Wright, Sylvia Froescher, Frank Sweiding, Nicolette House
Front row L-R
Gia Gudat, Craig Heath, Beth-Anne Duxbury

PFSC Annual Meeting ,Sun Valley Idaho 2007
PFSC Newsletter September - October 2007 
PFSC Show Skating Seminar 
The PFSC Show Skating Seminar that was held in Sun Valley, Idaho immediately following the Ten Year Anniversary Meeting was a huge success. The seminar was open to any skater interested in show business and many local skaters and even some skaters from other rinks came to learn form some of the best show skaters in the business. Not only did the skaters have fun, but so did all of the presenters and pro skaters that were involved. We had seven topics. Sylvia Froesher spoke about "What it takes to get into and ice show". She discussed how important a resume is and what the producers expect. Gia Guddat held a "Theater on Ice" class that everyone enjoyed. She used props and we all interpreted to the music. She explained how important it is to be able to interpret and "act" on the ice. The props were a huge hit! Beth Duxbury taught a "Show Class". She lead the skaters through a typical show audition and explained what the show producers would be looking for. Of course this included all of us having to do the dreaded left tango stop! Craig Heath taught an "Ice Class" to music. He explained the importance of being able to count music and also performing edges with other skaters at the same time. He used inspiring music and made it a lot of fun. Jason Graetz taught a "Character Class" with the help of his wife, Alison Harack who was a great demonstrator. Jason explained how to project to not only the first row of audience but also to the top row! He also showed some of his signature moves (he has many very cool tricks up his sleeve) and how important it is to set yourself apart from others in show business by learning new and interesting tricks. Lisa-Marie Allen taught a "Show Tricks" class. She explained how important butterfly's, split jumps, stars and other "tricks" are to the aspiring show skater. She showed her beautiful style on some moves of her own too! Frank Sweiding and Anita Hartshorn taught an "Adagio/Pair" Class. We learned how to do some basic adagio tricks. Everyone had a good laugh trying to skate as a pair and found that it is not as easy as it seems!
The seminar lasted about three hours and could have gone longer if we had more ice time. This is a project that the PFSC has been wanting to do for a couple of years so we were very happy to finally be able to accomplish it. We are now looking forward to the next one that will take place Sunday, August 3, 2008 in Sun Valley alongside our Annual Meeting. We hope to see you there for all the fun!
Our Future stars! 

 lmTricks of the Trade By Lisa -Marie Allen

2014 Olympics

Sochi, Russia

A Dynamic Shows Production


By: Tamara Sharp



If you have not already heard the news, Russia has won the opportunity to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It will be held in the city of Sochi, Russia. To celebrate this joyous event Russia's Vladimir President Putin requested there be an ice skating performance held for his countrymen and the many world leaders attending the World Economic Forum held on June 9th of this year.


Krasnov Design, a Russian producer hired Igor Lyutikov, the founder of Dynamic Shows to create the event. Igor was the event organizer for the skaters and choreographed the cast of 85. The ice surface was built on the Baltic Sea by using what resembled giant fish tanks and placing them in the water. Then the water was frozen on top of the tanks to create the stage and it was built in just one week. Image performing an ice show on the Baltic Sea!


The cast was made up entirely of Russian skaters. The star of the show was Evgeni Plushenko. The cast included three well known skating teams; Alexander Smirnov and Yko Kawaguchi, Maxim Trankov and  Maria Muhortova and, Gergei Slavnov and Ulia Obertas. Russia's number one synchro team 'Paradise' was brought in from St. Petersburg. Forty-eight of the skaters were children of all ages from 'Aleko Childrens' Ice Theatre' in Moscow. This Ice Theatre is a very unique training center that teaches youths how to become performing and not competitive skaters. Also, from Moscow came eight members of 'On Vernadskogo's Circus on Ice'.


The rehearsals for the show were extremely difficult because half of them were held in St. Petersburg and the other half were in Moscow. The three adagio teams did a trio routine without ever having a practice together. In fact, there was not a single time when the show was run with a full cast together until the actual performance!


Igor said, "He did not get any sleep for a about month because he was flying back and forth constantly to teach and organize everyone's choreography and all of their costumes for the show." He did not even have anyone assisting him in choreography, as this business was completely new for him in Russia and already established ice show companies had desperately wanted this contract.  


There was not a skater on the ice that performance that did not have some nerves. If the thought of performing for their entire country and their President was not enough, the world was also watching. Due to the fact that the show was performed during the Economic Forum it was broadcast in 34 countries. If you were watching CNN or BBC see that day you may have caught some of it. 


The show was a great success even though it started ten minutes late leaving President Putin to entertain his visiting dignitaries during the unforeseen delay. President Putin came onto the ice at the end of the performance to greet the press and take photographs. It was noted that he was very proud of the skaters and for his country.

Sochi, Russia

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