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Training Will Farrell

By: Susan Austin


I began training Will Ferrell for the upcoming movie "Blades of Glory" in December 2005.  It was a great experience teaching Will to skate.  Sara Kawahara, the movie's choreographer, mapped out both an off ice and on ice regime for the actors to learn to skate.  Off ice we focused on warm up, flexibility and specific skating positions.  On ice covered the skating basics, forward and backward crossovers, two-foot spins, mohawks and even a bunny hop.


The way Will approached learning to skate made it clear to me why he is so successful and is a great example of professionalism.  Will had an intense focus for the task at hand.  He did not mind humbling himself to hold on for dear life as he found his balance over the blade.  He always came prepared, had a good attitude and was always on time.  He was gracious to all and always encouraged the kids about their skating and had kind words to say to them. 


Will developed quite an appreciation and respect for the difficulty of skating.   He could not believe something that looked so easy was in reality so difficult.  At the end of the training, Will had developed a smooth glide and confident crossovers.  Now I cannot wait to see Will weave his comedic magic in the soon to be released "Blades of Glory".


Fulfill My Dream

Fulfill My Dream

By: Max Liu

            A hot summer day about 10 years ago in Taiwan, my best friend in junior high, Larry, called me up and asked me to go to the new skating rink with him.  I still remember that I asked him some pretty dumb questions, "Larry, is that the real ice we are going to slide on? Is that cold?  How could you skate on this knife under this stinking shoe?  Ah  and how can I stand on those weird things? " I laugh every time when I think about those questions.  As most of you probably don't know, the country where I am from figure skating was not a very popular sport or I should say that it didn't exist at all.  Until that day of my life, I didn't even know we had a sport called figure skating on this planet; and for sure I never imaged me being a graceful skater on ice.  However, that hot summer day totally changed the rest of my life!

            I still clearly remember the moment when I stepped on the ice.  The feeling was awesome and I fell in love with it!  When I skate, I forget about everything that is bothering me and I can totally be myself.  Being a Taiwanese, our culture is such that you go to school, then go to tutor center, then do your homework and repeat everything again for six days a week sometime even seven.  Can you image the stress on a 13 year old?  You would never guess, a fat boy whose height was about 5" and weighed 190 lbs .but, I loved skating so much that I could not give it up easily.  One day while I was practicing, one of my friends came to me and asked me, "Max, why do you skate? You are so fat; please don't waste your time and go to do something else!" It hurt me deeply. I almost gave up on my dream to be a skater but, I didn't. I told myself that I have faith in mmyself and will show him what I can do, just wait and see! 

     Shortly after that, Disney on Ice - Toy Story 1 came to my town. I was so excited about it since it was my first ice show I ever saw. In my memories, I remember there was a little boy who ccould spin really fast and jump really high in the show. He was my skating hero because I had never see someone do that in front of my eyes before. If you guess who he was, he is our president of the PSFC, Craig Heath. I said to myself, I want to be like him, skate in front of the audience and entertain people. Because of that, I made up my mind to be a professional skater. I never competed but, have always loved skating. Maybe I am not that good of a skater; however, I have the heart to skate.

            Now, I am 22 and have a perfect job. I travel everywhere and experience different cultures.  I love what I am doing; moreover, I can call myself a professional skater now.  I never guessed that I could make it this far.  When I think about it, I still can't believe it.  I want to thank that little boy who inspired me so much on my professional road and after all, I think that my dream came true!            


The following is an interview that I want to share with our members. It was done recently with Alina Adams for her website,


After I finished working on the Feature film "Blades of Glory" starring Will Farrell. Enjoy!    Lisa-Marie Allen
Q.  What is your exact title on the project?  How did it come about that you ended up working on this?

  I'm the Associate Choreographer on the Film Blades of Glory. I have worked with Sarah Kawahara on a few shows now.  We work well together, so she asked me to take on the job of assisting her. I was thrilled to get the opportunity, having never worked on a feature film before.

Q. What are your duties as Assistant Choreographer?  How are they different from what Sarah Kawahara is doing?
A.   As assistant, I would back up Sarah during any creative or rehearsal period, sit in on meetings with the production team and fill in at anytime when Sarah was not available. I had minor input on choreography for the routines and oversaw the skate doubles training during rehearsal and shoot days, as well as working with all the actors on basic skating skills. Sarah was truly the consultant for everything skating in the film, technique, lifts, and costuming.

Q. What sort of routines have you worked on?  I know it's difficult to do it with words, but could you describe what they look like?
A.  The film is a comedy therefore the routines are somewhat out of the ordinary. I really can't comment further.

Q. Do any of the actors you worked with have skating backgrounds?  If not what was it like choreographing for people who'd never skated before?
A.  One actor has a hockey background from childhood. The others had no experience at all.

Q. Are there skating doubles in the movie?  Who are they?
A: Yes, the skating doubles are Chad Brennan, Patrick Hancock, Ethan Burgess and Tiffany Scott.

Q. I know Sasha Cohen filmed a cameo.  Anyone else?  Did you choreograph for her as well?
A.  Sasha Cohen along with Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill, Nancy Kerrigan and Peggy Fleming all make an appearance in the film. Sarah and I also have a brief moment on screen.

Q. The movie seems to treat the world of figure skating as a joke.  As someone who was a serious competitor, how do you feel about that?
A.  Your question regarding making a joke of the costumes and drama of skating is funny in itself. Ice dancing has been doing such for years. I don't feel that the movie will harm any aspect of our sport. As an Olympian and former show skater, nothing surprises me. In the realm of any sport you have basis for comedy. This is a comedy, and the lead actor, Will Farrell, is genius. I happen to love the film "Best in Show" and to my knowledge, the dog world loved getting the exposure, even if it was a bit off center.

Q.  Do you think this is a project skating fans will enjoy?  Why or why not?
   I hope that the audience, skating or general, can appreciate the humor of the script and the talent of the entire cast. When you work on such a project and see the scope of what it really takes to bring the story to the screen, you can't help but hold your breath and hope that the finished project is pleasing. I will never be such a critic again!



New Members


Ariel Schefer - Producer

Alison Isabel Alegre       

Chanelle Kristina Sherry

Shelly Berger

Jean-Stephane Ollier -

Amanda Copithorne

Joyce Schaecher                     

Elisa Siegmund

Theodore Biver                

Michael Tyllesen                  

Trent Nelson - Bond        

Sanna Maija Wiksten

Katy Erin Edgecomb

Naomi Grabow

Nicolette House

Galen Labotka

Colin Loughlin

Gabriel Monnier

Alexander Nacsa

Rick Reyor

Skyler Rodgers

Letter from the Prez.
PFSC Members,
The PFSC Board had the first meeting of 2007 and I am happy to announce that the following officers were elected to run for one year. Sylvia Froescher as Treasurer, Jaya Kanal as Secretary, Richard Swenning as Vice President, Craig Heath as President, Frank Sweiding, Beth-Ann Duxbury, Jason Graetz and Scott Irvine as Directors. Kristi Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano happily agreed to be honorary board members again as well. Janet Wright will continue to be our Executive Director with the help of Mary Alice Antensteiner and Chuck Williams has graciously agreed to continue as our Lawyer.
I want to thank the entire membership for your continued support of the PFSC and pro skating. We need to keep telling other skaters to join as most of our membership comes from word of mouth. The more members that we have, the bigger voice we have in the skating industry. I encourage all of you to spread the word to your friends and coworkers.
I want to thank Charles Crawford for his generous donation (of his time and talent) in creating four versions of the new PFSC Ad that will run in several skating publications. Great job Charles!
Check out the three new adds at the bottom of this newsletter
I encourage everyone to send articles to the editor Tamara Sharp for upcoming Newsletters and also to put photo's in the online photo album in the resources area of
Craig Heath
PFSC President
Exciting Times
This is an exciting time for professional figure skating.There is so much to be had out there.We have a resource here with the PFSC that is unparalleled in our business. There are so many new professional skaters, variety acts, choreographers, and production companies. This equals opportunity and growth.  
The PFSC is bonding this industry together using the tools of good communication and the internet.
Thank you members for your continued hard work and dedication.

Richard Swenning
PFSC Vice President
Have a good one!
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Lisa Stevens
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